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Drs. C.E. Bianchi (M.Sc.)

drs C.E. Bianchi
My name is Liesbeth Bianchi. I am Dutch and I have worked as a teacher since 1979 and graduated in 1990 as an Educationalist from Leiden University (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences).

I started as a teacher at a Primary school, but mainly worked as Remedial Teacher and Internal Supervisor in the field of Special Education. Between 2006-2008, I was a teacher of Dutch for foreign children in an international class at a primaryschool, and this stimulated my motivation for teaching Dutch to foreign speakers.

In the meantime, I started working as teacher "Dutch as a second language" and became NT2-certified by the Centrum voor Nascholing in Amsterdam.
I have been teaching Dutch to foreigners in Leiden and Rotterdam at different schools and levels. I am teaching Dutch at Elbest in Den Haag ("The Hague") since 2012, and combine this with a position as evaluator and examinar at the "inburgeringsexamens" in Rijswijk.

When learning a new language it is of particular importance to concentrate on those words that you will use frequently. You can always look-up the less-frequently used words. Moreover, the words newly learned are to be practiced actively during the lessons as well, and preferably elsewhere too. It is my quality as a teacher to stimulate everybody in my classes to participate equally during my conversation training.

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