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ELBEST - a language school in the Hague with a new approach

Learning Dutch is mainly a matter of speaking and listening.

The views on learning languages have changed in the last decade. The way you learned your mother language went via active listening, repeating and speaking. Acquiring a second language is a very similar process. The most effective way to do so is by conversation training: a cyclic process of practicing, of allowing yourself to make errors and of getting positive feedback. You get the fastest results when you incorporate the speaking from the very beginning, preferably in small groups. This will soon result in an active command of Dutch.

Modern on-line methods are a powerful addition.

The use of modern language software allows for a more efficient use of learning time. Thanks to that, teachers can focus their lessons more on conversational skills because the student can train other skills without the presence of a teacher. He can practice the writing, listening, vocabulary and reading skills in its own time and place. Modern on-line methods are also interactive, stimulating, give you direct feedback and offer lots of variations. Combining conversation training with on-line methods made it possible to learn a new language much faster then in the past. Elbest has choosen to offer this combination in The Hague.

Dutch classes at different levels, speeds and methods.

Elbest offers a variety of Dutch courses at all levels: for beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Different levels

You can study Dutch in various modules of 15-17 lessons (2 hours each), and all in small groups (generally 4-6 persons). This of course in combination with practicing at home to prepare yourself for each lesson (4 hours per lesson).
After 2 modules you master about 2500 words (level A2). This gives you a basic level to conversate in Dutch with family and friends. After 5 modules you have increased your vocabulary to about 5000 words, which makes you an independent user (level B1). This sounds like a lot of words, but that is the number of words you will need for reading a news paper or to take part in a full conversation with the Dutch.
The next step is broadening your language skills even further, to master beyond 10000 words (level B2). You can even prepare yourself for the Staatsexamen NT2.

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Dutch lessons for foreigners - The Hague (Den Haag), area Zoetermeer, Leidschendam, Voorburg, Delft