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ELBEST - General conditions

  • All enrolments or cancellations need to be done through the administration of Elbest. To enroll you can use the (digital or paper) enrolment form.
  • If the course is fully booked, the date of enrolment is crusial, of course only when you have met your payment commitment.
  • After the enrolment you will receive an invoice by email. When enrolled, you are obligated to pay the full course fee. The full fee must be paid within the fixed time, as specified in the invoice. Only after payment of the invoice the enrolment is final. If the course is fully booked, Elbest will contact you instead.
  • The course fee is exclusive of studying and material costs unless it is mentioned otherwise. You may choose in the enrolment form to order Elbest to arrange the course material for you. In that case the additional costs will be included in the invoice as well.
  • After a digital enrolment you will be given a period of 7 days to consider it, and in which you can cancel it free of charge. If you have already paid the course, Elbest will refund the full payment.
  • In case you wish to cancel enrolment after the seven days of considering, you will need to cancel in writing, stating the reasons for doing so. You can can use the digital contact form for this.
  • Refunding is only possible if the cancelling of your enrolment is more than five days before the starting date. You can can use the digital contact form for this as well. In this case we will charge you with an administration fee of €15,00.
  • As from five days before the starting date of the course, a refund of the course fee will not be possible any more, what ever the reason for cancellation may be. In this case, Elbest will try to find a proper solution, if possible by mutual agreement.
  • Elbest will reserve all rights to cancel a course when the number of participants is insufficient (less than 4). If a course is cancelled the full course fee will be refunded within a fortnight.
  • When you should miss lessons for several weeks due to illness and because of this would not be able to complete the course, a solution will be found together to reschedule the missed lessons at another time.
  • If you have private lessons at Elbest and you want to reschedule or cancel an appointment, you will need to do so at least 24 hours in advance in writing at the administration office of Elbest. You can can use the digital contact form for this. If you do not mention this to the administration office in time you will be obliged to pay for the private lesson.
  • In case of illness of the teacher Elbest wil do its utmost to find a replacement. If that is not possible the lesson will be rescheduled at another date together with the participants.
  • All quotations and offers by Elbest are noncommittal, unless a period of acceptance has been stated. On expiration of this date the validity of the offer also expires.
  • Our course fees are inclusive of VAT.
  • Certificate. You will receive a certificate of the level you qualified for at the end of the course. For this certificate we use the standardised Common European Framework (CEF). With such a certificate it will be simple to find a connection at various institutions.
  • Elbest has applied for registration Kort Beroeps Onderwijs. Short Vocational Education. We therefore apply the quality criteria that this authority keeps up to become eligible for registration.
  • The mangement of Elbest accepts no liabillity for damage to persons or possessions, nor for loss or absence of personal belongings by any cause during activities organised by Elbest
  • Dates of holidays are stated on the course schedule.
  • In case of a complaint Elbest has Complaints Regulations.

Procedure of complains

  • Should you have a complaint about one of the courses or about Elbest we will always do our utmost to try to work out a solution together with you. For this reason please always make your complaint known to the teacher first.
  • We will always take your complaint serious and deal with it in strict confidence. This is why we register any complaints, and keep them in your file for the duration of twelve months. If so wished, you will be able to receive a copy of your complaint.
  • Should you feel that despite all this your complaint has not been properly heard, than please do a second attempt in writing to Elbest through the contact form.
  • Elbest will then have a period of 4 weeks to react to your complaint and come to a solution together with you.
  • Should you still be of the opinion that your complaint has been dealt with insufficiently, you can put your complaint before the arbitrary comity private educational institutions. As you can read on their website, some payment is required.
  • The verdict of the arbitrary committee is binding. If your complaint is declared valid, Elbest will pay the charges of the procedure and any possible other charges that may result from this verdict.

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Dutch lessons for foreigners - The Hague (Den Haag), area Zoetermeer, Leidschendam, Voorburg, Delft